Biking Trio

Having done extensive research on the proper age of a child before taking him/her for a ride on a bicycle, we came to the conclusion that “one year” sounds right if putting your little munchkin in a trailer or seat.

But what about on your back?

We have a wonderful baby carrier that is designed for infants, holding Marin’s head nice and close to my body, so muscle strength in her neck or lack thereof is not an issue.

On this one particularly pleasant fall day, we bundled Marin up warm inside her one-piece rain suit (in case the weather changes on us) and took off on an easy jaunt up to the top of Mt Tabor.

I started with Marin on my front as that is how I carry her every day, but before long Seth helped me switch her to my back, making it easier in me while riding. With frequent stops to check in on her well-being, we discovered that she quite enjoys going for rides as the few bumps and vibrations that make it through my body and up to her along with the fresh air have a wonderful sleep inducing effect.

Fresh air + bicycle movements = sound sleep
Snuggled tight, she’s like wearing a custom backpack.

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