With all of the bicycle commuters here, the bike shops often have old tires in inner tubes piled up outside waiting to be large enough in number before taking to the dump. If someone wishes to take them off the hands of the shop, then those persons are more than welcome!

Seth and I took a number of them.

With a little creativity and some holiday decorations picked up at thrift stores, we turned them into Christmas wreaths. Mountain bike treads made beautiful accents behind bright ribbons and winter greenery, while wheel spokes worked great as hooks for hanging the wreaths by.

We were able to sell a number of these ReTread Wreaths as a bicycle friendly craft fare, but still had a few left over, so when we came across a cheerful statue already adorned with a toque to keep it’s bronze head warm, we thought a little holiday cheer would look good too!

ReTread Decorations


2 thoughts on “ReTread”

  1. What a cool idea! It made me think of another one. If you found, say, 5 wheels of different diameters and stacked them from biggest to smallest with a pole down the middle to separate them, they’d make a very unique kind of christmas tree. A lot more work though. And I guess you’d need to do some welding to make that work…oh well.

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