Pro Chefs to Cook on Christmas? Heck Yeah We’re Lucky!!!

Grocery shopping is a headache right before the Christmas holiday right? Well we all headed over to the store and got a whole whack of food, directed by our new in-house chef Kay. The store was crazy busy as was to be expected, but with 5 people to find stuff we got in and out lickety-split, loaded with goodness.

The next day’s adventures (Christmas Eve) was all about the food. While most of us went off on our own little adventures through the day, Kay and her friend Enn set to work finding the last few items they needed, and then cooked up a wonderful heck of a kitchen mess. The house smelled delish for HOURS and out stomaches were grumbling something fierce from the effects of saliva inducing smells. With the two chefs being as good as they are, they observed our stomachs distresses and temporarily satiated us with cheese and crackers until the real meal was delivered.

Cooking up a storm
Cooking up a storm



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