Morning Routine

Mornings look something like this:

Toys galore and a happy girl
Toys galore and a happy girl

One of the first things we do when we get upstairs, is to plop Marin down  in the corner of the couch where she is less likely to cause herself to fall off with her new maneuvering skills. She is happy and content playing there all by her lonesome, surrounded by toys, able to look up and smile at whoever is in the kitchen.

Usually we loiter downstairs until Andrew and the kids have taken off for the day, as the main floor has a somewhat crowded feel with everyone running around trying to get ready to walk out the door. But every once in a while we venture up and have fun watching the morning mayhem. We take up safe positions on the couch with toys, books, computer or whatever else we might have handy to keep us entertained while the chaos continues.

Other times we just go outside and water the gardens, which needs to be done anyway, and it keeps us completely out of the house!




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