Some of these were done for payment, others were simply created at the request of friends.

Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of one of my favorite art pieces. It was made as a Christmas present for my boss at the time, Darrell Hutchison, as he wanted a new logo for his newly acquired business. The Bean Counter Cafe website has the new logo incorporated into the page, while the original piece is hanging framed on site in the cafe. If you’re ever in the area, go check it out!

mt washington boys

I met these three wonderful fellows on the top of Mt Washington, New Hampshire. They were impressed with my friends’ explanation of Thru Hikers on the Appalachian Trail from the previous night, and bought me lunch in the cafe at the top of the mountain. I drew this piece in memory of the good laughs we had.

Bloody Lion was conceptually created for a friend who wanted a tattoo portraying some of his religious beliefs.

A long time customer at the old coffee shop I used to work at asked if I would draw a picture of his granddaughter for him. The original picture that I drew this from can be seen here.

Friend's granddaughter

If you would like your favorite picture made into a handcrafted charcoal piece of art, or if you have a concept that you want put onto paper, drop me a line with your pictures or ideas and we can discuss the details and pricing.



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